I’m Jo, the author of this blog. Portuguese, female and willing to post a lot!

NOT an ego-blog, MOJOme is a blog to watch, enjoy, follow and think. Feel free to comment my posts with your own ideas and thoughts. I’ll be posting about fashion glamorous editorials, style and design trends plus photo, TV, cinema and advertising. My posts will be my choices of likes but also if needed my dislikes. But i’m sure I do like a lot more things than I dislike. Life’s to short to post about unpleasant themes, don’t you agree?



  1. great blog, Jo! will be popping in often!
    PS – very cute dog!

  2. laura


    I attempted to email you but couldn’t find an email. Just letting you know about my blog Wrinkle In Time Vintage, and telling you that we’d love to be considered as a candidate for your ‘Blog Love’ section!
    You can find us at http://wrinkleintimevintage.com

  3. Great blog! loved it! I would like to invite you to work with me on my Film. Please write me to: diogmma@gmail.com or add me on Linkedin or Facebook. Thanks

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